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Bays Farm – A Working Home

The original farmhouse was built around 1640 as a two-storey house with an attic.  As time passed, with rising prosperity and the need for further rooms, two further ‘bays’ were built on, either for family or workers.  In the late 19th century another range of rooms was subsequently added in parallel to the original house(s) to create one rectangular house (the present shape).  This device was frequently employed to re-model an earlier built house.

The farmhouse, on earlier maps, shows the property to be called The Bays (we are unsure whether this has always been its name) and the property has had a variety of owners over the years.  More recently the farm was owned by the Cobbold family when it was a mixed farm with all sorts of animals and crops.  In 1982 the farm was sold to Mr & Mrs Wrinch who changed the name to Bays Farm and the nature of the farming changed to arable.

The very large barn to the rear of the property, we believe, was originally a munitions factory located in Stowmarket and was brought to Bays Farm to house cereals.

We bought the property in 2002 not as a working farm any longer and much refurbishment was undertaken.  It is now run as a 5* Bed and Breakfast using much of our home-grown produce.


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