Guests are welcome to wander through our gardens, sit and take pleasure in them. We also have our Pavilion – a luxurious garden room where guests can read, take a cup of tea, drink a glass of wine and just be outside without the risk of becoming too chilly - it has its own heating and lighting.

The Gardens

We started remodelling the garden in 2007 when the extensive kitchen garden was laid out and the greenhouse replaced.  The orchard was planted out in 2007 with in excess of 40 fruit trees of all differing varieties.  We then expanded into a further vegetable garden with a cutting garden to supply the vast quantity of flowers used in the house.

Towards the end of 2009 we started to work with Xa Tollemache of Helmingham Hall on the transformation of the front-garden.  New paths were laid using Breedon gravel, the box hedge planted to frame the new flower gardens and a feature of water jets within cobbles and surrounded by billowy lavender hedging was included.

Different beds were created some with shady planting, others with scented and sun loving plants.  We also have a small woodland area by the front gate.

Much of the landscaping and planting was done in December 2009 and further planting in March 2010.  That Autumn saw the planting of many bulbs which was the final piece of the jigsaw to bring the garden to life early in the year.

We commenced building the Hayloft in 2010 to provide extra accommodation and the new herb garden was laid out and planted by Lady Tollemache which completed this project along with the wildflower garden behind.

All rainwater from the house is collected into our moat and the recent hosepipe ban focused our mind on other ways to become self-sufficient in the supply of water to the garden.

The high winds over the winter of 2013/14 meant many tree losses but this gave us the opportunity to re-landscape the back garden.  Four new beds have been laid out so far and we continue to work on Bays Farm for the pleasure of our guests, visitors and ourselves.

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